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Fender Tom Delonge Custom Shop


I was looking around for an Epiphone Tom Delonge guitar so i asked my guitar dealer to find one.

a few days later he calls me back and says he can get me somthing even better. He told me he could get me a Gibson Custom Shop Guitar that was made speciffiacally for Tom Delonge himself (blink188 guitar player). Apparently Tom Delonge went to gibson and asked them to make him a guitar. However when gibson finised making the guitar Tom changed his mind and wanted the same guitar with a diffrent finish.

So, my dealer tells me that their is this Gibson Custom Shop guitar made speciffically for Tom, however since he changed his mind last minute on the finish of the guitar it has been sitting in a wearhouse for years untouched.

So of course i say ill take it because its better than an epiphone and for the slightly higher price i cant go wrong.

So upon getting the guitar i find a few things that worry me. The first thing being that the serial number is not stamped into the guitar, it is on the guitar the same way a fenders guitar is.

As far as i know, this is clearly a sign of it being fake, but since it was a one of a kind custom shop guitar i am not sure. Could the serial number be printed on there like that becuase it wasnt a standard production guitar thats made with the machinary that they use to make all the other gibson guitars?

The Serial Number is U0678391.

Another thing that worrys me is that the headstock is all one piece of wood, there arent pieces glued onto the side the head stock like every other gibson.

The truss rod cover is placed to high on the head stock and it shows the bottom part of the hole it is supposed to be covering and the bottom screw was screwed in so much that it has nearly went thtough the back of the wood.

So, overall this guitar has some MAJOR cosmetic flaws that really concern me.

However as far as playability and sound go it is a great guitar.

I would really appreciate some help here, If it is a fake i wouldent be to upset because for the price i payed it is still an amazing guitar wheter or not it is a real Gibson or not.

Fender Custom Shop Tom Delonge

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Fender Musical Instruments Corporation is proud to announce the introduction of its new Artist Model guitar, the Tom Delonge Stratocaster. As a driving force behind the band a{Blink 182}, Tom has brought a unique sound to the forefront of popular music with a no-nonsense approach that has encouraged thousands of would-be musicians to pick up a guitar and learn to play.
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“When you look at Tom’s guitar and his playing style with Blink 182, they’re really straight forward,” says Richard McDonald, vice president of marketing for Fender electric guitars. “He’s helped show a lot of people that you don’t need to be a maestro to make good music, and he’s reminded even more that you can still have fun doing it.”

In working with Fender’s Custom Shop on his personal guitars, Tom came up with a very basic, classic design that would provide him with the growling tone and sustain needed for a band like Blink 182, yet with a twist. The result was a stripped-down Stratocaster with a single Seymour-DuncanĀ® Invader humbucking pickup in the bridge position and only one control knob: Volume!

The new production model is the same – it’s all Tom. In addition to the single pickup configuration, the Tom Delonge model features a string-through-body hardtail and bridge. The body is non-veneered alder, and it has a maple neck with rosewood fingerboard.

There’s also the same vintage feel that Tom prefers on his own guitars, with the large ’70s Fender headstock and a choice of four finish options: Graffiti Yellow; Daphne Blue; Surf Green; or Black. A white perloid pickguard and vintage tuners complete the classic look.
“This is a very fun guitar,” adds McDonald. “I can’t tell you how many requests we’ve gotten to make this, so it goes to show that Tom has really turned people on to just plugging in a guitar and cranking it up.”